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Hack twitter Account

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Hack twitter Account

Postprzez » Pn lip 29, 2019 7:27 am

hack twitter account
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Re: Hack twitter Account

Postprzez hooriya » Pn gru 07, 2020 7:53 am

Does someone want to bet that at least one Twitter employee is involved with this directly? Twitter hires people with less than reputable backgrounds (some involved before with hacking and frauds). And now they all work from home as such feel more brave to go further with stuff they probably are doing for years in the underground forums.

Twitter has received accusations like this for years and nobody took this seriously as they never took famous accounts. Now its on the press and people notice it.

It’s almost impossible to that this can happen (hacking multiple different Twitter employees) and gaining local network access unless they received help from the inside. I have a hard time believing this was a social reverse engineering hack. The logical explanation is a rough person on Twitter that went to far or lost control. Maybe the soon or someone that works at Twitter and was using his dad or mom access?

Who knows… They are all working from home and anything can happen.
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