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Flatting Agent manufacturers

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Flatting Agent manufacturers

Postprzez fish29fi » Cz sie 01, 2019 3:06 am

The function and technical requirement of precipitated silica used as thickening and abrasive agent in toothpaste are described.It can provide excellent pseudoplasticity and thixotropy when the thickening silica added in the formulation of toothpaste.Its thickening effect is remarkable and stabitity is good during store in long period.As an abrasive agent,it has the advantages of strong ability of cleaning teeth,good physical and chemical properties and good compatibility with other ingredients.It is specially pointed out that the precipitated silica with low abradability and low refractivity is suitable for making the children-use and transparent toothpaste.
Product specification
Technical data sheet
1SiO2 Contents (dry basis)≥ 98HG/T 3062%
2AppearanceWhite, Fine Odourless, PowderVisual/
3Loss on Drying (105°C, 2h)4-7HG/T 3065%
4Loss on Ignition (1000°C, 2h)<6HG/T 3066%
5PH Value6.0-7.5HG/T 3067/
6Nitrogen adsorption specific surface area260-280GB/T 10722m²/g
7Iron Contents≤400HG/T 3070mg/kg
8DBP Oil Absorption Value2.9-3.5HG/T 3072cm³/g
9Soluble Dissociated Salt≤2HG/T 3061mg/kg Flatting Agent manufacturers
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