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Pneumatic Lubricator price

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Pneumatic Lubricator price

Postprzez zwq88hm » Śr wrz 04, 2019 2:00 am

Product Introduction
The drop of the oil flows into the air channel when 1/4” NPT pneumatic oil lubricator is atomized. Constantly at work to achieve air refueling.
The oil drip rate is controlled by means of the regulating screw. Normally,1 to 12 drops/1000L of the air is sufficient.
Products Parameter
Model TypeCompactIntermediateStandardHeavy Duty
MediumCompressed Air
Working Pressure1Mpa(150psi)
Max.Working Resistant1.7Mpa(250psi)
Guaranteed Pressure Resistant2.5Mpa(365psi)
Working Temperature—5~80℃(No Freeze)
Filter Bowl Capacity/CC8085155750
Container Cup MaterialMetal Water Cup: Zinc AllloyMetal Water Cup: Aluminum Die-casting
Protective Coverwithout
Recommended Oil(ISO VG32) Turbine No.1 Oil ISOVG32
Nominal Flow Rate/cfm5151606060114154142160275275
Port SizeNPT1/4NPT3/8NPT1/4NPT3/8NPT1/2NPT3/8NPT1/2NPT3/4NPT3/4NPT1NPT1-1/2
NPT, PT, G Port Size is optional, the air with oil can inject about 12-15 meters after oil mist.
Model TypeMiniatureCompactIntermediateStandard
MediumCompressed Air
Working Pressure0.85Mpa(125psi)
Max.Working Resistant1Mpa(150psi)
Guaranteed Pressure Resistant1.5Mpa(220psi)
Working Temperature—5~50℃(No Freeze)
Filter Bowl Capacity/CC204580150
Container Cup MaterialWater Cup:Polycarbonate
Protective Coverwithoutwith
Recommended Oil(ISO VG32) Turbine No.1 Oil ISOVG32
Nominal Flow Rate/cfm10145151606060114154142
Port SizeNPT1/8NPT1/4NPT1/4NPT3/8NPT1/4NPT3/8NPT1/2NPT3/8NPT1/2NPT3/4
NPT, PT, G Port Size is optional, the air with oil can inject about 12-15 meters after oil mist.
Product Feature And Application
1/4" NPT pneumatic oil lubricator filter the water mist and oil mist in the air to make the compressed air cleaner. Metal bowl construction for durability, and built in site glass to easily see fluid level.
Deliver, Shipping And Serving
Deliver time: 20~25 Days
Serving: 24 hours on linePneumatic Lubricator price
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Dołączył(a): Śr wrz 04, 2019 1:54 am

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