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Frp Products

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Fiberglass stair trends
Fibertred stair treads are available in the same high performance resin formulations as Fibergrate molded grating. Unique cutting channels, spaced at 6" intervals, provide efficient utilization when custom fitting treads into stairways. These channels also ensure that all standard stair tread widths have closed ends. Up to five 24" wide stair treads can be cut from each side of a single panel. A gritted strip is molded-in on both sides of the panel for superior slip resistance.
the obstacles of its unsightly concrete forerunner. The lightweight treads weigh less than twenty percent of a concrete step and has a variable grit top for slip resistance suitable even for barefoot traffic. The color of the tread is molded into the panel, so it never needs painting. The treads can withstand many corrosive environments including salt, continuous moisture and constant cleaning.
Raw materials
1.reinforcement material:fiberglass, glass mat, continuous strand mat, surfacing mat, needled mat.
2.basis material:unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinylester resin.
JN -196 Ortho Resin
JN -196 is ortho type unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and high reactivity. Good mechanical properties, high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for manufacturing high-quality grille products.
1, the installation of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille stair tread the cost is low due to the weight of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grille is only 1/4 of carbon steel, so the transportation is very convenient, lifting, moving, assembly, installation at the same time need not when hot, flammable and explosive area don't have to stop production, so the installation cost and only 20% to 20% of the carbon steel.
2, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille stair tread long life this is the main cost factor, under the condition of allows the use of media, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille design life of 20 years, the average life expectancy is 3 ~ 5 years and carbon steel.Generally speaking, after ten years, the cost of using carbon steel is more than double the cost of using a glass steel grating.
3, There is no need to maintain the stainless steel for the steel grating, but the fiberglass grille is not required to be maintained.
4, the cost is low. The basis of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille stair treads although started buying price is steel FRP gratings prices more expensive, but because of its long time, and there's no need to repair, the total cost is lower than the price will be a lot.
It is widely used in petrochemical industry, light metallurgy, food brewing, energy and electricity, sewage treatment and other industries.Frp Products
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