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cheap Disposable Medical KN95 Face Mask

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cheap Disposable Medical KN95 Face Mask

Postprzez zooklist » Cz kwi 08, 2021 1:14 am

Our History
Hangzhou Reward Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Hangzhou,China which is near to Shanghai. At present, our company is mainly engaged in the research and development and trade of protective face mask, KN95 face masks and cotton face mask. Every year, our company introduces new products into market and expands our business scope of commodities with the continuous expansion of our market. There is a professional R & D and production team in our company now; sticking to such policy of being people-oriented, self-confident and truth-seeking, our company strives to create employees a platform and free development space; we aim to share successes and glories of company with all staffs.
Our Factory
Our Cooperated factory is Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd. This factory was founded in 1990, formerly known as Chaomei Industrial Company of Chinese Academy of Sciences.It is an advanced professional dust-proof Chinese PPE professional production mask enterprise with first-class scale in China. Their main products are Disposable protective face mask, KN95 face mask, surgical medical face mask, cotton mask and so on.
We have passed IS09001 Quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, ISO18000 safety and health management system, European ceen146:2001 industrial dust prevention and European ceen14683:2005 medical protection standards and system Disposable Medical KN95 Face Mask
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Re: cheap Disposable Medical KN95 Face Mask

Postprzez coperelay » Śr cze 09, 2021 7:38 am

Non-medical Masks, if qualified, has similar anti-virus effects(BFE, PFE) to medical masks, the main difference is not suitable for serious medical scenarios like surgical room, infected patients treatment environment, because these environments need to be sterilized, so non-sterilized masks are not intended use in these areas.

For general people or civil use anti-virus purpose, wearing non-medical masks(disposable face masks), is a practical solution, we should leave the medical masks to medical staff.

For identifying non-medical antiviral masks, they are often related to industrial protective face masks, designed to cover mouth and nose to protect workers who work for long periods of time in dust and other suspended particulate matter environments.

The most familiar industrial standardized protective face masks might be n95 face masks, n95 respirators, n95 respirator masks(n95 is a USA masks standard, n: Non-oil, 95: 95% filter efficiency against non-oil particles); kn95 masks from China, has the same filter efficiency with n95.

To wholesale face masks is much easier, compared to wholesale medical face masks, you can buy face masks, buy respirators with very low price, in general, disposable face masks price are half the price of the related medical masks(same structure, such as earloop face masks type both).

Where to buy n95 face masks at a better price? you can search n95 masks for sale, but you should pay attention to cheap respirator maks, first you need to know how much does a respirator cost normally, and you should know qualified n95 has limited supply, and you could try search where to buy n95 respirator masks alternatives.

Based in China, we offered two different kinds of non-medical antiviral face masks, as health mouth masks, manufactured by our own developed masks making machine, we guarantee the protective face masks quality by testing the quality with our mask testing instrument, from the raw material to the final products, choose us as your face masks wholesale supplier, your money is in safe, buy face masks from us will make it easier to wholesale face masks.
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