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Paypal login

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Paypal login

Postprzez wilsonjoy6188 » Wt lip 20, 2021 10:06 am

You might be aware of using the Paypal services and it is not wrong to say that Paypal is one of the best, user-friendly payment platforms. Moreover, it facilitates payments that take place via online transfers between different parties.
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Re: Paypal login

Postprzez rhneoopy » So sie 28, 2021 12:26 pm

Since days I’m trying to send one of my friends some money via paypal.
Yet I face the problem that I’m not able to login neither from the actual app nor through any web browser I’ve installed.

I use the official app from the apps store.
Currently I have Firefox and /e/-browser installed.

The loop looks like this:

Login with email and password
Via web browser they send you 2nd factor 2FA code via sms.
Login in via App one needs to confirm first being human by a captcha. And then sends you the code via sms.
In the web browser one will be directly redirected to the login page.
On the App a white window appears that doesn’t let yoh do anything than close it. From there you are redirected to the login page as well.
I know there are a lot of users reporting this problem in the official paypal forum.
I thought ok maybe there is something fishy with the mobile version of the paypal website.
So I tried with the app. Yet no luck there as well.

Somebody else facing similar issues?
Or maybe someone even knows any solution to this mess?
Thank you!
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